Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Walking In Paris


I was so in awe of my surroundings as I approached Tour Eiffel that I didn't even notice, Words cannot describe how shocked I was, just beyond happy to have finally seen it. as always my DSLR played an important roll in capturing our mud every moment and then the memory card decided to start messing.

Walking around the city looking for an electronic shop, we got lost on a side street but found a little cafe to pass the time until the electronic shop was open after lunch. There are so many things to love in this beautiful city call Paris, great food, fabulous wines, breads and pastries are all just divine. 

Almost every building seemed to have a story to tell.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Welcoming Treats

I never though this holiday would involve so much bread and cake but in the country where Marie Antoinette is said to have responded"....... let them eat cake..." when the people had no bread, it should have come as no surprise. After departing the ship I stopped at a wonderful village Patisserie and fell involve with the Viennoise au Chocolat you can call it a soft bread baguette with small pieces of chocolate. Lets not talk about the added pounds from all that good stuff ha! After being in France for less than an hour I already had a favourite treat. If you haven't tried this please do.

Although I've been dreaming of Paris and France for so long our first stop was in a small village called Elliant. We had one night there and apart for the unpacking/repacking a little break out of the car was just the thing my body needed before our journey to Paris the next day. On arrival in Elliant we had Croissant, with ham and cheese for breakfast, absolutely delicious, cannot imagine whats awaits us in Paris


Mango Jacket

kateSpade Ny Bag

River Island Boots

J Brand Pants

Moschino Scarf

Fendi Sunglasses. 

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